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My Cuddly Pillows! Are They Clean?

Pillows are one of the most loved items in your home, and most sleepers cannot sleep without a good pillow. No matter how many pillows you need to get better sleep, have you considered washing or cleaning this beloved item?

Perhaps everyone has their own habits on changing their bed and pillow covers, but what lies beneath the covers might be overlooked. Similar to your mattresses, pillows also absorbed dead skin, saliva, hair, and body oil and may contain dust mites that can contribute to you getting allergies. A clean and comfortable pillow is an important part of a goodnight’s sleep and wellness. Experts say that pillows should be replaced in a year or two of use, and needs washing every 4 to 6 months for cleanliness and prevention of disease from dust mites. Also, using a protective case between pillow and pillowcase can prolong the lifespan of your pillow. Here are some ways to help keep your pillows clean and fresh: Machine wash and dry.  Pillows made from microfiber, polyester, shredded foams, and down-feather are machine washable and dryable. A small amount of mild liquid detergent is recommended as it doesn't leave a sticky residue that can cause clumping of the pillow materials. These pillows should be run in low temperature or delicate wash and dry machine cycle and toss it with drying or tennis balls to prevent clumping. Spot Clean or Steam cleaning. This type of cleaning method usually applies in latex and memory foam pillows and other solid piece materials.  Latex and memory foam type of materials are easy for moisture and is recommended to be left outdoors for drying.  Steam cleaning is a good alternative for some items that can’t be laundered.  Airing it out. This process is for special pillow materials that are not for washing the filling, the best example of this is the buckwheat hulls. To clean this type of material, the buckwheat should be removed from its cover and aired outside in the sun, this will remove the odor from the buckwheat shell. While the shell is airing out, you can wash and dry the cover in a machine at delicate settings. Lastly, follow the care label instructions to ensure that they can go in for machine wash and dry or it is for “dry clean only”. Washing your loved pillow is not difficult, however, takes time to wash and dry. #cleanlivingoy #cleanlivingblogs #cuddlypilow

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