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Construction Cleaning

Keep the Neighbors Happy with Our Construction Cleaning Service

Is your business undergoing renovation while you are still open? Keep your tenants, residents, and clients more comfortable when you use construction cleaning service from CleanLiving OY. While your contractors are busy knocking down walls, churning up dust, and installing new fixtures, they can leave a huge pile of trash and debris behind, even when they sweep up at the end of the day. We can bring in the vacuums with HEPA filters, give the floors an extra mop, and make sure every last bit of construction trash ends up in the dumpster before you open.

Sweeping Up During and After a Day of Work

You can also ask us to have a janitor scheduled to stay all day long, when you are concerned about maintaining a healthy, safe, and clean place for customers and clients. We will ensure that the boxes, plastic ties, wrapping, and rubble is promptly removed from any and all public spaces while limiting the amount of dust in the air. Ask us about adding a HEPA filtration system that can remove more dust so you don't go home coughing. When the construction crew is all done for the day, we will do a final cleaning to make sure footprints, trash, and caution tape are all addressed.

Banish the Dust from the Halls with Regular Building Cleaning

Even if the renovation is happening on the second floor, your HVAC system will circulate the extra dust all the way up to the top floor. In addition to your regular nightly building cleaning, we can bring in additional equipment and manpower so that your tenants that are not undergoing construction will have minimal disruption of their home or business.

Call CleanLiving OY today for a construction or building cleaning quote.

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