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Janitorial Services In Espoo

Make Your Windows Shine with Janitorial Services in Espoo

Does it seem like your showroom isn't quite as bright? Window cleaning by CleanLiving OY can make a world of difference! Wow your customers with beautiful, shining windows that flood your store or business with tons of natural sunlight. A steady buildup of pollution on your windows may not be obvious to you until it is gone! Our janitorial services in Espoo can knock off the chore from your list every week, every month, or once a year.

Regular Window Cleaning Brings in the Sunshine

Glass doors, display counters, and mirrored surfaces all collect dust and fingerprints at an alarming rate. Glass hand railings, escalators, and atrium ceilings all need some extra special attention. While glass seems to resist gathering dirt and grime, they actually just become dull as the days go by. Our window cleaning service can bring back the glitter and the sunlight after a fast visit with a bucket, squeegee, and some muscle.

Cleaning Counters, Display Cases, and Artwork

Ask us about our nightly office and business cleaning services, too. We can give all your glass touch surfaces a quick wipe down to give you that ready-for-business look when the sun rises. Do you have large artwork framed behind glass? Don't forget to let us know so they can be added to the monthly dust and clean chores. What about those small glass windows on exit doors? We will remember to clean them for you. You end up with a business that you can be proud of and is attractive to new and returning clients.

When you need to schedule janitorial services by CleanLiving OY, just give us a call to set up an account and coordinate services with our customer service team.

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