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Sofa Cleaning

Bring Back Fresh Scents and Bright Fabric with Sofa Cleaning

You love your sofa! But it doesn't look as bright as it used to and you might be noticing a stale smell in your home. Sofa cleaning by CleanLiving OY is just one of our deep cleaning services that can bring back the beauty and pleasant atmosphere to your house. Our fully trained cleaners use professional equipment to remove dirt, stains, and smells from your upholstery and give your favorite couch a new lease on life.

Professional Deep Cleaning Erases Stale Odors in Just One Afternoon

Our deep cleaning process works well on carpets, sofas, armchairs, upholstered dining chairs, and drapery. Just like when you put your clothes through the wash, giving your upholstery a good clean can banish lingering odors caused by pets, smoking, and simply living on these soft surfaces. You won't have to stay out of the room for more than a day while your sofa and carpet dries. Meanwhile, you might be surprised at how well that old wine stain comes out with the right people and products on the job.

The Right Tools and Cleaners Care for Your Furniture

It might seem like you only need a carpet cleaner machine rented from your local hardware store to do the job, but the fact is that without the right training, you are going to use too much water and the wrong cleaner when you try to do the sofa cleaning yourself. Don't risk doing more damage to your furniture! Bringing in the professionals from CleanLiving OY can save you money by giving your aging couch an extra year or two of use when it is deep cleaned the right way.

Schedule your cleaning by clicking on our Pricing and Booking tab on our website or calling our office today.

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