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Office Cleaning

Start Your Day on Time with Professional Office Cleaning

Does it seem like you are wasting an hour every morning or night cleaning up the office to get ready for clients and customers? Optimize your productivity and call CleanLiving OY to schedule regular office cleaning. Instead of coming in with a cup of coffee so you can pick up the broom, you will have more time to return calls, set up displays, or finish up the books before opening for business.

After Hours Business Cleaning Welcomes Customers and Clients Every Day

Most of our office and business cleaning clients have their spaces cleaned during the evening hours. We arrive after your last customer leaves and conduct a thorough cleaning of all customer-facing spaces. We do a deep clean of the restrooms and any food preparation areas. Desks, counters, floors and rugs are swept, wiped, and vacuumed. The trash bins are emptied and the windows have fingerprints removed.

Full Suite of Services Include Vacuuming, Trash Removal, and Bathroom Sanitizing

Are  there some areas in your business or office that always seems to get skipped? We will walk through your commercial or retail space to create a daily, weekly, and monthly list of tasks that your cleaners will use. The front walk will be free of debris, windows washed, carpeting deep cleaned, and floor waxed on a regular basis. Finally, you will be putting your best foot forward while we keep it shining behind the lines.

If you want to have CleanLiving OY begin your office cleaning, give us a ring. Your account manager will make an in-person visit to the location and assess all your needs. We can also provide additional business cleaning services as needed when situations demand.

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