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Costs and Risks of Making Cleanliness a Non-Priority


One way for the business to succeed is to learn how to prioritize properly. Specially, you need to find out where to allocate limited resources to generate maximum profits.

Most of the companies spend most of their money on the following:

- Branding

- Insurance

- Customer Service

- Marketing

These are all reasonable expenses that will contribute to the stability and growth of the business. But also, these aren't the only things you should consider in your priority list because these aren't the only aspects involved in a well running business.

Cleanliness should also be a concern and hiring a professional commercial cleaner is the best way to handle and to achieve this. If you make the cleanliness into your non-priority list, there are plenty of risks and costs such as the following:

Reduced Productivity

You may lose up to 1-2 hours of productivity per day. This is because the simplest tasks, such as looking for a documents that needs to be signed, can take a long time to accomplish.

And also, cluttered and dirty office may affect on capability to focus. This eats up people's time, making them inefficient even in things that they have been doing for a long time.

With a clean work environment, it will be easier to relax and to be on "work mode". This will increase productivity and boosts the morale of the workers, which will more likely to make the best employees to stay with your company for years.

Health Issues

Spaces that is unhygienic and unclean can become a ground for germs. Workplaces are especially exposed because of the number of people come and go all the time.

There are a lot spots in the office that can accommodate microorganisms. Kitchen, dining area, and the bathroom are the usual felon. Bacteria's and viruses can also make their house in desks and even devices like telephones.

If these places are left uncleaned you, your employees and even the guests can contact variety of diseases.

Aside from diseases, a dirty workplace can also result in poor mental health. When the environment is dirty and messy, you'll feel distracted and even frustrated.

All of these can be on the way of being creative and a problem solver.

Maintenance Costs

Hiring a professional commercial cleaner costs money but this is something that's worth your investment. Your electronics and furniture's will require more maintenance if you don't make them clean.

For example, carpets will het saturated with dirt and dust, if you don't vacuum them regularly.

Machines will likely stop working if they get clogged from dirt. This will make you spend more money for repairs or even replacements for the damage.

Most of these costly situations can be avoided with simply making cleanliness a priority.

Unprofessional Image

Perception is an important part of the company's image. Even if you produce high volume of work, it can be hidden by an unprofessional image that results from poorly maintained work environment.

Potential business partners and talented job seekers may be hesitant to deal with you.

Your own employees can feel like you aren't concern to their well being. This can lead to turnover rate and can increase your recruitment costs.

It's more expensive to hire new employees than come up with programs to make current workers stay.

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