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Dig Deeper, make it better! Give your Kitchen a clean makeover

Cluttered cabinets, smelly refrigerator, and greasy oven? This common kitchen chaos often are left ignored due to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Doing routine maintenance cleaning is hardly enough to ensure the cleanliness of our home on a daily basis. Especially in the kitchen, when you consider how much of our food is cooked and prepared here. How essential it is to keep it clean and spotless for our family’s health and safety. With that in mind, have you thought about doing a periodic deep cleaning of your kitchen? Digging deeper means that rearranging the contents of your kitchen cabinets, putting out old stock of groceries from the refrigerator, and giving your kitchen appliances a makeover to make it smelling fresh and clean. This detailed cleaning process sets you up for success in saving a lot of time, effort, and money for the entire year. Here are the main kitchen makeover checklist: - Reorganize kitchen cabinets, cupboard and pantry - Scrub the stove ( gas & electric burners), ceramic / glass cooktop and rangehood - Sanitize and organize the refrigerator - Degrease the oven - Cleanse the dishwasher  - Dust the ceiling and corners of the walls and includes the light fixtures and ceiling fans - Inspect and disinfect your appliances (toaster, blender, microwave and other small appliances) - Vacuum  kitchen blinds, wash curtain and drapes - Clear up your countertops and sink - Vacuum and mop the floors. This will provide you with a pleasant and spanking clean kitchen you’ve always wanted. Making your home sparkling and homey! Call us up to make this a reality. ______________________________________________________________________________________ **Cleanliving Oy organizes detailed cleaning plans for cleaning your home that last several hours during the initial cleaning visits, afterwards the Cleanliving professionals together with the client build detailed cleaning into their scheduled visits.  *We also offer one time detailed cleaning service that can get your house ready for a routine maintenance cleaning.

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