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Cleaning your bathroom the right way

We rely on the bathroom to get our body cleaned and surely we could say that it should be the cleanest room in our house. Due to the water and steam, the space can simply become a home for bacteria and bad odors.

When the time comes and your bathroom needs to get a big refresh, here are some places to bear in mind.

Tile Grout

If you have tile-lined shower, the grout usually becomes yellow and dingy. It is also a good spot for the bacteria to settle in. Giving it a good scrub weekly can help and reduce dirt/grimes and make it look brand new all the time.


Usually we straight-up ignore it.

The sink is the one of the places that shows grime and dirt. Spots of dried toothpaste and hair strands build-up and also accumulates tons of germs.


Everyone wants to make sure that the toilet bowl stay sparkling white, but also make sure the handle and the seat are free of germs. It is an unavoidable task if you want to make sure your bathroom looks at its best condition.


Relaxing soak in a dirty tub? Not a good combination. There is no room for molds, especially in the place you rely on clean hygiene. Removing soap spots and stains helps your tub stay cleaner for longer periods.

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